Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter & Its hot mommy!

We went to Tucson for the first part of the weekend and had some pre-lessons swim fun.Heated pool and the weather was soooo nice!Star Pass has a really nice pool.Tatum even participated in a"bunny hop contest" and did pretty good.Thanks Matt and Allie for a fun weekend.

Adores her cousins and loves playing with them!
LOVING "coclate" cadbury carmel eggs
When she came out to see what the Easter bunny left she said "oohhhhhh coool!"It was cute.
The Easter bunny is so nice.He got her an outfit,101 dalmations and loads of candy and little toys.Too much for a two year old.We are gonna write the Easter bunny and tell him we don't need that much next year.

Gross cheesey chips mouth...cutie funny baby...pretty bad sunburn!
UH OH!Tatum's first sunburn.(Crystal C. this one is for you)I am usually so good about sunscreen seeing as though we are all so pasty white and always in the water.Today not so much.We were at the park for two hours for playgroup and voila!Sunburn.She keeps saying "it's hot mommy!"I guess it is definately time to get back in our good habit of sunscreen and hats.Poor baby and bad parenting check for me.It is funny becasue I looked at a friends blog the other day and her kids had gotten sunburned.I thought to myself awww man those kids are sooo burned!HA for me.So since Tatum got burned pretty bad today(poor baby)I thought I would blog about it and tell my good ol' friend she is not alone!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Since Sunday Tatum has been VERY sick.The doctors say she had Gastroenteritis...whatever.She didn't move,flinch,eat,NADA!All she did was sleep and Shane and I were kinda worried about her because if you know our Tatum you know that she is a bit of a curious girl who likes to get into things and be wild!After two emargency room trips for fluid and a doctors visit(who wanted to admit her into the hospital.I convinced her to let us wait one more day)This morning she was 100%better like nothing had ever happend.She woke up...ate "FUffet"(breakfast)and ran around like it was no ones business.We are so glad that she is back to normal but I am gonna kill her if she doesn't stop wasting toothpaste!I just love her so much and don't know what we would do if Tatum was really ill.I count my blessings everytime I see her and that she is healthy,normal and beautiful.I wouldn't have my curious Tatum any other way!She is so funny and keeps life so interesting.

Monday, March 17, 2008

SO sick.

Well here is our sweet Tatum girl and she is sicker than ever.They don't know what is wrong with her.She started throwing up at 5:45am Sunday morning and pretty much been sick since then.We are keeping a watchful eye on our sweetheart and hope that she will get better soon.Hopefully tomorrow she will be back to her old self.We will see but for now this picture sums up how she feels:(

Monday, March 10, 2008


OK! I know I need to update my blog and that it is sooooo time for a new post but I have nothing to really post about.Everything is kinda boring right now.It is about to get really exciting and CRAZY!As some of you know.....I teach swimming lessons and I LOVE IT! It is that time again.The time to schedule my summer sessions and send out that great swim lessons letter.So with that said I wanted to tell you all I will be sending that letter out on Monday March 17th in the evening sometime.If you would like to know all of the DETAILS(dates,place,price,and what to email me with to sign up) on swimming lessons this year please leave me your email.I know that some of you have already left me your email on my "going  private" post and I just want to apologize for having to leave me your email and then me just asking for it again.I am excited for summer and to see all of my favorite kids sitting on the step all ready to learn how to swim.It will be SO fun!(oh and i will post some fun pictures soon.i more of this boring leave me your stinking email stuff)