Saturday, October 25, 2008

She is three?

Since my last post not too much has happened.....Shane has been working, I have been going to the gym, and this little stinker........


Soooo we did what we always do.We threw a big party and it was so fun! Scroll down and enjoy.

There was a pinata! A hand me down pinata from Emma's party that never got broken because the kids were too little. SO we let my niece Brekyn have at it and she busted it open for everyone.She was so happy that she got to be the one this year because Tag got it last year and she was so bummed.She kept saying "that pinata is MINE" and I TOTALLY forgot a bat and so we had to use the BBQ spatula. Tatum looks so cute in this next picture because her blindfold fell and she is wondering why she has to wear it anyways.She didn't get the entire party thing down. All she wanted to do was play on the playground, she didn't understand why we kept coming to get her..."Tatum come here!! It is time for cake/presents/food/pinata. This is your party!" she just kept on running away from us. Boy were we tired!
Oh and the presents.....Here is how the present thing started off.She was so happy in the beginning......

...........................smily girl!!............................

Ok here is where she starts to look a little overwhelmed.She does this in big groups of crowded people.It is too much for her and she did it at her last birthday when it came time to open presents....

She started to cry after 2 presents. She didn't want to open any more. Bless her little heart. It was so sad though because all of her little cousins and friends couldn't wait for her to open their gifts and Tatum was not havin it! We ended up taking a few breaks in between to calm her down and we ended up getting to open them.

Oh my Nash T boy!He loves to say CHEEE for the camera.Oh and you should hear him say grass.It is possibly one of the cutest things ever.I hope you have it on camera Allie!

Here is such a cute snapshot of Tatum's "bes fren" Emma.They play so GREAT together.

Me helping Tato open her fun presents.She got sooo many cool things thanks to such fun friends and family. We are so lucky to have such an awesome (HUGE) family and to have been so fortunate to have such great friends! Thanks for making Tatum's party so great.

You know, it really does seem like yesterday that I was holding my sweet baby girl in the hospital. They really grow quickly and lately that has taken on a whole new meaning for me.She is growing up and I love every new stage that she hits. She always has Shane and I laughing hysterically. She is so full of life and personality. We love our little Tatum girl. Happy third birthday sweetheart.

Monday, October 6, 2008

precious moments like these....

Ok, Shane might get a little upset if I post this one but I had to.I wanted everyone to see what a sweet daddy he is.I love this picture..their arms are in the same position and they are truly sleeping.Of course when the flash went off Shane opened his eyes with a confused look on his face and whispered loudly "What are you doing???"I told him that I had to capture this very moment.These are the moments that make my heart pitter patter.LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!

The wonderful weekend of fun.

Well we went to watch conference at the cabin this weekend and it was some kind of wonderful!!We were able to watch most of it....this little girl was a little bit in my face and a little bit noisy.I did print out the activity packet which was WAY over her head.I though she could just color on the pages and that she would be quiet for a little way hose a.She was in my face(I love every minute of it though.)I did get plenty out of conference.It seems like every time general conference rolls around I am able to pull exactly what I need out of it.I am so thankful that Shane and I were able to go and spend time with the family and watch conference all together.

look at that pose!This is a first for our baby...she is not a poser at all.Man oh man I love her sooooooooooo much.When I tell her that I love her she says "I luh you tew mommy"There is nothing more rewarding than to hear her sweet little voice tell me that.We are ever so thankful for our sweet Tatum girl.

Playing with Papa Frank on the couch.We got her that horse at the store and she would not put it down.The girl is obsessed!!She wants a horrrse for her birtday.Next picture is a of her pestering papa.....we LOOOVE watching papa get annoyed.He is SO fun and entertaining and we love him so much.Thanks for the cabin trip!We had so much fun!

Go go go giego go!Watching Diego in the car on the way home.The headphones are too big and so this is how she holds them.Sometimes she holds them with her shoulders.Notice her horse next to her?How sweet is she?

Ok, so Tatum got away from me for a few minutes and when I went to check on her this is what I found.Yucky Carms(Lucky Charms) all over her bed!Oh and she had eaten ALL of the marshmallows.This is the entire box folks and I had changed her sheets that morning.