Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween was so fun this year!Tatum was Dorothy(I made hair extention clips for her pigtails) and Toby was 'To To".Shane and I were gonna dress up but we ran out of time to get a costume.Oh year.This year we wnt to my parents block/ward party and Tatum had a blast.We ate hot dogs and this super yummy chicken chile.Whoever made that..I want that recipe.We went to my sweet grandma's house and then went trick or treating!Tatum was funny.Once she figured out that every house she went to would give her candy she didn't want to stop trick or treating.She would have gone all night if we would have let her.People would give her candy,she would put it in her bucket and then hold out her hand for more.She scored so good on the candy because who can say no to that?She always said trick or treat and thank you.It was a hoot for Shane and I.Tonight I found myself feeling so greatful for the cute little family that I have.It is really getting to be fun having a 2 year old.Shane and I are really lucky.
Here is my amazing Grandma.She made Tatum's Dorothy costume and as you can tell Tatum loves her very, very much.She is the best Grandma in the whole world.I love her more than anything in the whole world.Thanks Grandma!!!You are the best.

On our way to Mamaw and Bompa's block party.I Snapped this from the back when they didn't know.They just looked so cute.They are crazy about her.

Follow the Yellow brick road...or the yellow FLOWERS!

Dorothy and 'To To"
the biggest Yorkie ever!

Okay.Tatum doesn't like the camera.Tonight she was not cooperating(nor does she ever,just look at most of the posts) when we said look at the camera,she put her head down and looked away.It was annoying.So...I threatened her.TIME OUT!So she automatically raises her head and makes this face directly at the camera(I was a little late in capturing that precise moment but I was close)You see my dad laughing at her because she is such a stinker.He says it is payback for what a stubborn stinker I was.


Tatum and Rilyn
We really missed our other cousin Nash tonight.He is in Tucson:(

We got Tatum to put in these glow in the dark vampire teeth.Sick.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birthday Party Bounce House!

Flying Shane!!

Flying Shelley!!(I had the most fun I think)I am totally buying one of these things!

Flying Megan!!

Tatum had sooo much fun just jumping around.If you listen really good you will hear her giggle when she falls down on her face.It's kinda cute:)



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

6 months old in her saucer....
Learning to crawl with a broken arm...
8 months

10 months old

19 months

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Could you please pass the M&M's? What? I can't have any? Thats hogwash mom.

How sweet is my little chubber baby in this picture! I love kissin that bald baby head.

This is moments before she had the shpeel off the couch. Which resulted in her pink cast. I wasn't there. I was at choir practice but Shane said it just happened SO fast! I do have to admit. She is a quick one.

Just dug out some cute pictures to post. Isn't the cast so sad? It was hardly a break. Three weeks and the cast was off! We were at the cabin in this picture. Love that place. The lake. The family. The fun!

Baby girl wearing her first Jack's surfboard shirt.

With her first birthday gift.

Saying chee! Nama and Papa.
So this girl is two. Crazy these two years have gone by so fast! It is so fun to be her mom. I am very fortunate to have her for a daughter. I count my blessings everyday to be Shane's wife and Tatum's mom. Even when it's hard.

Tatum Michelle
*Tatum calls her pacifier a "ponky"
*The first thing she says in the morning to me is "a mornin Mama"
*She loves her Daddy and runs to him with this special grin on her face when he comes home.She stares at him in the face sideways and says "Hi Daddy!"in the sweetest voice.
*She loves Elmo, Ariel and "alella"(cinderella)
*She loves CHEESE
*She loves her slide and would play on it all day just saying "weee"and "watch"
*She is very concerned about our dog Toby following the rules and is constantly bossing him around.It' s funny.
*She really embraces the words "No way"
*She love babys
*She will do anything for popcorn"pawcorn"or candy"nanny"
*Tatum has the most contagious,cute laugh.Shane and I can always count on her to make us smile.She is our sweet baby.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

This girl's birthday is almost here!!!


When I was pregnant with Tatum, everyone, even perfect strangers told me "Just enjoy the time that you have with her while she is little.She will grow up way too fast." I understood.Or I thought I did until now. Time really really has gone by very quickly. These first two years of her life have been ultra fun!! (minus the acid reflux,trips to the ER,the sleepless nights,the ear infections,the crying for no apparent reason)ok ok. Parenthood has been challenging at times but I know that all the times we sat there and laughed our fannies off at our baby girl or sat and oogled over her, far, far outweigh those ....other times.I am sooo glad to be Tatum's mommy and hope that this day will be so special for her!

Shelley, Mom, Allie( absent sister Megan)
Here we are just laying on the couch doing a whole lotta nothin on Saturday! Sounds good huh.

These pictures are of Tatum playing with baby cousin Nash. (she is trying to feed him some "tips" or chips) When I called her name to look at me for the picture she flashed this wonderful, typical "Shane" face and I thought it was funny. Sometimes she looks lots like her Daddy. Wait.....all the time, all the time!

This is Tatum's very first skateboarding lesson. If anyone knows Shane, you know that he really likes to skateboard so this was fun for him to take her on a ride. (Our neighbors yard is kinda WT.They are never home.I am tempted to get the blower out and help them get all the pods out of their rocks.)