Friday, August 12, 2011


Well it has been two years since my last post. How sad! It breaks my heart to think that I have neglected our blog this long. So what has happened in the last two years? While we are still the same little family of three, our lives have drastically changed. We have moved, had a wedding, lots of new baby cousins, 8 chickens, a hamster, a guinea pig, two summers of swim lessons, two years of Tatum being on swim team, tons of gymnastics, six birthdays total( Can't believe we are both going to be rockin in our 30's in January!!) a handful of trips to the happiest place on earth, the passing of my beloved grandparents, a very scary hospital happy she is healthy and doing well now. Tatum started Kindergarten a couple of days ago and can read thanks to Miss Rita Lyon's preschool. She is doing great!

I am going to post some pictures of some of the fun things we have done in the past two years worth noting and while we did have our computer crash with a BUNCH of our dear pictures on it, I still managed to scrounge some things up. So while I have a small team working diligently to get our precious pictures out of our hard are some that I found lying around.

This is the most handsome guy I have ever seen. Period.

For my birthday Shane and I went to LasVegas. It was fun to walk the strip and see all the sights. There was so much to see and do........Bellagio water show is pretty cool!
Our self portraits are so funny!!
We went to Tucson to see Matt, Allie, Nash and new baby Maisy. This was at the hotel pool!

The best part of these pictures are that they are right after Tatum found the freezing cold water jug and while Uncle Jake was laying out taking a nap Tatum poured freezing water all over his chest. It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while...pee pee diaper takes the cake in my life for funny moments......refer to an old post and you will see where she gets it from! My little stinker.

Just hanging out poolside together:) :) :)

You can see Tatum posing and Daddy swimming laps.

On May 28th 2010 my sister Allie had a beautiful baby girl that we call Maisy Lenore. Here she is with her favorite Aunt all wrapped up in the blanket I made for her. Precious. We love Maisy girl so much.

Tatum's first year of swim team at 4 years old! She loved every minute of it and did so well. We were very proud of our little ham. She thinks she is so big!

This was a very very sleepy haircut. It was so sweet she was nodding off the whole time. She must have been so relaxed while Auntie Megan was cutting her hair. It was amazing.....she just fell asleep!

Kami Tatum Lauryn
Water day!

Needs no words.

This picture is of Shane helping our little girl boogie board for the first time ever in Carlsbad.
I DO love those sandy little toes that belong to a sandy little girl........and my handsome husband below.



Oh my goodness. She is too much!


A sicky girl with her tray of ramen noodles and sprite from Sonic. I think there is not one thing that I would not do for her when she is sick. When she doesn't feel good it is WHATEVER she wants.

Maisy Moo! Two months old.

Tatum and Toby. That dog loves that little girl! I found them curled up together and thought that I ought to take a picture of that!

Tatum still has a very healthy obsession for ponies and horses and makes sure that she tells us she wants one almost every other day. Oh boy!

Helping Aunt Meggie open her presents.

Bridal showers are fun for the flower girl too! Tatum is good at opening presents.

See this kid is a pony magnet. She wants to have a horse someday. She tells me all the time. I told her that if she wants a horse someday that she is going to have to marry a cowboy!

Tatum in her dress ups(note that her cheetah is wearing a dress up also) and Toby the lion dog. You can usually find him lying of the back cushion of the couch.

It's too sunny to smile!!
My little sister is married now. Wow. Megan and Jeff Allen. Cutest couple ever. So proud to call her my sister! Glad to have such a fun and goofy brother in law Jeffy!

Cabin trip! Most of us there.( We were missing Cody and Ashley) It was a complete zoo but pure bliss. We went on a walk in the park and fed the ducks at the lake. Above the kids are in the loft..... their favorite hang out.

Feeding the duckies!

Dress up with cousins......just a random day. I thought it was so cute they way they put the outfits together. Quite the fashionistas if I do say so myself. The feather mask is Kami the bride is Tatum and the pink hat sunglass girl is Grace.

Before we left for our trip to Disneyland we had a little ice cream and cake party with Tatum's favorite friends....her cousins! Just a couple of shots with some very dear people in them. Can't believe she is FIVE!

We decided to do something different and fun as a family. We went to Disneyland all dressed as the characters of Snow White for Mickey's Halloween party. It was loads of fun with great trick or treating and a crazy dance party.

I think Shane is thrilled to be wearing the prince costume that I made. He does make a handsome prince. Tatum was princess Snow white, I was the villan (insert evil laugh here)....the Evil Queen.

The end of a fantastic night and One. Sleepy. Girl.

Happy 5th birthday baby girl! I can't believe you are five years old. Feels just like yesterday they placed you in our arms for the first time. You are so precious.

Just waiting for the shuttle.

Got to see RAPUNZEL!!

Ok. So this picture of Tatum is right after she had her face painted. I had no idea she would make such an adorable kitty. She was so happy and loved it....... until it started itching which is when she asked if we could go on Splash Mountain so the water would wash it off. Smart girl!!

Here is the picture of us on splash mountain. It totally makes me laugh so I had to put it on here. It was late and we were tired from an all riding spree.We caught Taters mid blink in both of the pictures so it looks even worse. Too funny!!

Halloween princess fairy. So sweet and innocent. Sometimes I wish that I could freeze time just for a little bit. She is growing up very fast and I need her to slow down!! Such a sweet princess fairy.

Halloween night at the ward party. Tatum decided she would be a fairy princess instead of snow white again.

Ma Ma Ma and Pa Pa Pa!! Just would not be Halloween if we didn't go trick or treating there!

Girl poses and boy poses. This is something they conjured up themselves. Pretty clever if I do say so myself!

My good learner!! Getting so smart in this picture.

Mother & daughter on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving. I have a beautiful mother and sisters.

Tatum fell asleep after the Breinholt family Christmas party just like this with her new Maximus that Grandma and Grandpa gave her.

The highlight of Christmas....the Rapunzel wig that got returned because it got "tangled" on the first day!

Shane makes the very best chocolate chip cookies. It was so cute that he shaped a cookie in a T for Tatum!

This is such a sad sight. Tatum was in the hospital due to stomach trouble. It was so hard to see her hooked up to the I.V. So hard to see them stick her in the arm. So hard to see my baby get a spinal tap. So hard to see her in pain. They did every test under the sun. We never did get any clear cut answers but in the end the biopsy of her stomach said that she had inflammation in the stomach lining. She had GERD when she was a baby. They don't know why she didn't feel like eating but they fixed the problem and she is doing pretty good now. She adds new foods to her diet all of the time( and discards old ones......but who's counting!) and we are making great progress. She is very healthy and we can't ask for more. We are just glad that hospital stay is BEHIND us.
Bridget, Emma and Swayze came to visit Tatum while she was in the hospital. She was very glad to see them! By the time they came she had started to get better and was going stir crazy. Such fun friends. We love them!

Toby? I am so sorry. This is the price you pay for us......Tatum needs a sibling.....I know. You are such a trooper!

We painted this sweeet sign for my mom's birthday. If you can't read it it says Happy Birthday PATTY WHACK! Sometimes I like to call her that. Happy birthday Nama Pat.

Boy poses and Girl poses! Nash and Tatum.
They have started this when we take pictures of them.

Me, Shane and my little brother Jake a.k.a. JXTC.

My sister is gorgeous. Matt you are too.

Maisy and her FAVORITE Auntie. This girl makes me so happy. She is such a good girl and leaves the bows I make for her on her head most of the time. What a sweetie.

Being an air bender.

Allie, Shelley Jake, Megan Nash and Tatum....missing one brother....Chase!

Took Tatum snowboarding for the first time. She did awesome! Can't wait to ride all over the mountain with her someday. I need a girl to ride with!

Here we are. One happy family.

So there it is. Two years in a nutshell. I have to say that it feels great to be recording life again. Watching our daughter grow into this wonderful little being is such a humbling and beautiful experience. I don't want to forget anything that happens in our lives. It's perfect. I can't help but be so thankful for the things that the Lord has blessed us with. We are very fortunate.

Dug up one last video. This is Tatum singing her song on Christmas Eve. It is a hard one to watch because I can't hold the camera straight! So I am including the second take at the other family Christmas party!!