Thursday, November 29, 2007


Tatum really likes bunk beds and ...snot.

Sitting with Nash or as Tatum calls him...." Big BOYEE"because he is a big boy.He is 9 months old and 95% for height and weight.HE LOVES FOOD. One day at the cabin my sister Megan had just gotten herself some yummy breakfast casserole and walked by my mom who was holding Nash and BAM!He slapped his hand of her plate,grabbed all that he could and sooo quickly put it in his mouth.It was lightning fast like a crook who knew what he was doing.It was funny.

We had a fun Thanksgiving this year.It was so quick I regret to say I didn't stop for a second to think of all the things I am thankful for.Let me take a minute right now........................................................................K!I am Thankful for EVERYTHING!I wish I had more pictures of our crazy Thanksgiving!We started off the day early...Shane went to play some "professional" turkey bowl football and I went to run the Turkey trot with Jami Jasper Edwards and Lindsey Wilcox Walker.We did have a GREAT time.I just love those girls.We are so silly for not taking a picture.Next year ladies!Next year.My freaking toenail is going to come off now because of my ill-fitting shoes I wore to the turkey trot.It hurts soooo bad and keeps getting infected.OK!Enough of that.We ate at my parents house and everything was delicious.After dinner we went to Las Sendas to take some family pictures.Annie Randall was our photographer and let me tell you she did a fantastic job and even got Tatum to smile.A feat in itself.... if any of you know my daughter may know that she has something called"camera disease"It is when you look away from the camera when everyone tells you to say CHEESE!They say that she will probly grow out of this.I sure hope so.If you want to see her blog or get you pictures done by her you can go to and you should be able to contact her.She is so cute and has really great rates.She is gonna photograph Chunky Monkey's new stuff so check it out in a couple of weeks!After we got our pictures taken we tried to head off to the Glauser's cabin....but my dad accidentally took my mothers keys to the game with him and so goes the drama of going home and looking for the spare set,packing up the car and eventually going all the way to ASU to get the set that my dad took with him.Oh and did I mention we had to go all the way back to Las Sendas to get the car before we could head out?Bunch a hoopla. We ended up having so much fun at the cabin and so it was all worth it in the end.I will post cute pictures when I am able to plug in my camera.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Growing up so fast!

Okay so Shane and I have switched Tatum to a toddler bed.I totally would have kept her in a crib but she was falling out while trying to scale the top.Today is the first day and last night she slept fine.I need some tips on NAPS!She won't go to sleep.I thought maybe I should blog this for advice and someone nice will give me the perfect tip to keep her napping.Thanks!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pee pee diaper

Sometimes before bed Shane and I like to tease each other and goof off.It is so much fun.......usually.Well last night we had just gotten into bed and we started goofing off by throwing a rolled up pee pee diaper.I threw it at him and he threw it at was funny until.......I decided to unwrap it and throw it.The top of the diaper broke. It was slow motion, silent and then there were pee crystals all over Shanes head and mouth like it had dumped yellow snow and he had just gotten out of the shower.(ewww sick.I never saw how bad it was until I turned on the lights.)Here is the part where I look like a total shmuck.I could not stop laughing.I probly laughed for about ten minutes straight.I laughed even when my totally laid back,mostly sweet husband was cussing me out.I laughed the whole time he was in the shower.I tried to stop but every time I did a replay in my head I would start to laugh hysterically again.Something is definately wrong with me.I am greatful that I didn't have to sleep on the couch.I really do feel bad and so I think I need to redeem myself today.I think I am gonna go and buy him a pair of new jeans.Poor Shane has to put up with me and my immaturity.Sorry Shane,that was really mean and gross and so I am punishing myself by posting this rediculous picture of myself.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mmmmm a drink
I'm swimming!!(skinny dipping in the puddles)
OK!We have officially hit terrible twos.
Today I have been chasing her butt naked with a marker in her hand, plugging my ears with the screaming tantrums, scrubbing whatever she has actually colored on,fishing rocks out of her mouth, cleaning up the paper clips and fishies she decided to ground into the carpet, and picking up the food she dumped on the floor for the 70th time.There's definately more but my head is spinning I can't remember it all!She reminds me of the tazmainian devil.( I had to put her in her crib so I could post this) and as I am sitting here she is laughing hysterically.AT WHAT?It's like she can make a mess in a nanosecond and then she is off to the next one.Energy,.........she is full of it.I feel like pulling out my hair.


I finally got her to smile for the camera!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chunky Monkey

Hey all you bow lovers out there!Chunky monkey is back and now it's on a blog.As some of you know I used to sell them at the Quilted Bear(they just shut down one day).I was anti make a blog for my bows but I decided I would give it a try because the truth be told.....I CAN'T stop making them.I have over three hundred and they have gotta go, so I can make more!Well, we will see how this goes!All you have to do is leave me your email address and which bow you want and I will be in touch.Go to my blog and see what I have.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is a post for my sister Megan.She is such a cool aunt.Last night she came over for dinner and Tatum had such an awesome time.I don't think I have ever heard Tatum laugh so hard.Megan played with her all night and then after dinner just took her and gave her a bath without me asking:) 1000 sister points for you Meg!(I need to update my pictures.This is the best one I had on this computer so my awesome dad is in it too;))

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The observant child

Ok.Tatum is not old enough for this one:) She was walking past a mirror and ever so slowly turned and checked out her bum.Hmmmm.It looked exactly like me on any given day.(you know you ALL do it!)COME ON!I had no idea she watched me that closely.Anyways I thought it was funny and thought I would share.