Saturday, August 30, 2008


Swimming lessons is officially over.I was done teaching in July and since I didn't want Tatum to be done yet(she was doing soooo good.)I signed her up with Kim.Kim taught me to swim and is the reason that I actually teach swimming lessons in the first place.Tatum is a fish and at 2 1/2 years she learned to do breast stroke kicks and backstroke(although her face is kinda underwater she is still on her back).She is suck a fun, smart little cutie.

Here is my ADORABLE big BOY NASH.He is my sister Allie's little boy and he is soo fun.The reason I posted this picture is because Nash is holding a football and I couldn't resist..... football season has officially begun and I won't be able to watch anyting I want to on tv as my husband is a huge football addict.As I am typing, the Michigan game is on behind me.I will miss you Shane.I love you but I don't love football on tv.It is just ok sometimes.
Today we went to the zoo.Tatum loves that place and always says the cutest things while we are there.I love the way she says coyote.....Don't the two loves of my life look cute!I love them!
Tater tots with mommy
Stacy and Michael had their fifth baby.Roman Scott.7.10 and 21 inches long...he is just beautiful.All of our nieces and nephews are.After Brady and Brooke there will be 3 that were born within 3 and 1/2 months this year!So fun!
We love him so much.
Tatum's "breast stroke"So fun!She tries so hard!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Newport and DINEYLANNNN!

Here is an update on our little family.A couple weeks ago we went to Newport with my family like we do every year.It was a BLAST!I didn't take tons of pictures like I normally do but I did get some!!
Here are a couple pictures of the beach.THis first one is how my nephew Nash T. loved the ocean and how Tatum (seen running away) didn't.
Here is everyone on the beach Sandy,Chuck,Tatum,Shane,me(am I trying to be a super model?) Megan,Nash,Matt,Pat(mom)Phil(dad)
The merry go round(Tatum's FAVORITE!)and it is not Nash's until this trip!I am so glad you like it now Nashers.

Black beans for breakfast?
Ok.Here is our short trip to Disneyland(we are going again in October so I didn't go all out with the pictures......)It was way hot and crowded.Tatum was sooo good though and loved every minute we were there.
Here we are in Tarzan's treehouse.That thing is so cool!
THis is what Tatum did in every line.Pulled my hand when the line moved up.She culdn't wait to get on the teacups!

Ariel is so sweet!She is Tatum's favorite and the only one I really cared to wait in line for.She gave Tatum a kiss on the forehead.So so nice!Tatum was in heaven.

On the winnie the pooh ride.She was starting to get tired at this point.She looks mesmerized.

Overall it was a great trip and we can't wait to go again when we can stay longer and it won't be hot or crowded.Disneyland is all Tatum talks about now and wants to look at the pictures on the computer all the live long day!Yay for Disneyland!