Thursday, December 1, 2011


This years Thanksgiving was awesome! It was a Hakes family reunion and so that is what we did first! (I am still awaiting our BIG family picture that we took so I can post it) We were very excited when Uncle Cody showed up from Pennsylvania. We didn't think he was coming! So so so glad to see their whole sweet family. We ate lunch and then did minute to win it games and they were so fun! After that party we moved on to the Stapley one. That was also very fun...we didn't play any games but we did a lot of teasing and had a lot of laughs. GOOOD day with good good people we love!

Here is Tatum with Jaba the Hut.....or Laikyn. She is so kissable.

I am thankful for this little girl.
Ha ha!!! I got ROMAN MAN to smile.....yay me:)

Here is what Tatum came down the stairs wearing on her lips. I was like ummmmmm. Let's wipe that off before we go to the next party;) Is it just me or does Toby look HUGE in this picture!?!

I made the sweet potatoes.....they were yum.

Thankful for a cute grandparents

My brothers

I am thankful for Stapley men even though they don't clean up!

Thankful for my family.
(we missed you Allie and Matt!)

Tatum made this for Swayze.....she is into making books for people.
She even sounded out frum!! We had the best Thanksgiving!!