Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tucson and a backyard photo shoot!

This week we got the chance to go and spend a couple of days at my sister Allie's house in Tucson. We had a blast hanging with "BOY" and were VerY VerY busy the whole time.Some of the things that Tatum did in 48 hours at Allies house............
1.smeared the mirrors with toothpaste or soap(multiple times)2.flushed a bar of soap down the toilet3.Broke a glass4.Got gum on the carpet5.Peed on the carpet(intentionally)6.Peanut butter finger paints on the dryer7.Stripped for the missionaries my sister made dinner for(although I caught her before she ran into the room where they were)ummm I could go on.....Tatum is a fun very busy girl.I think she ran a total of 5 miles in the house and was nonstop.I love every minute of it and count my blessings that she is happy and healthy and likes to make a good mess.Here are some fun pictures of our few days.......

                                                Tatum love to carry dogs.Here she is carrying Lucy
    This picture is priceless!!Nash is getting soooo big and drowns Tatum.He is nicknamed "BIG BOY" He is just perfect and sweet in every way. He is so funny everytime he sees me.................. he dances.I taught him how to "shake" it and now he thinks that is how he and I greet each other.This trip he learned to say NO(probly from Tatum....oops).SOOOOO funny for us but soooo sad for my sister.I think she would rather him say yes or mommy more often.He actually says "dho!!!"It is the cutest thing...not as cute as his sweet dance moves but pretty dang cute.We love Nashers SO much.

         Here is our funny attempt at trying to get a mother daughter picture in the mall while we were shopping.Tatum doesn't really like to look at the camera unless she wants to.Just her funny little quirk.I love her so much.
These next few pictures are from a few days earlier.I wanted to take some pictures of Tatum in her cowboy hat(she really likes it and thinks that she has to wear it when she goes outside most of the time)
                                                               picking my nose!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sharpie BE GONE!!

OK.So many of you who have read my posts about Tatum and her marker fetish,know how much she likes to color on things and herself.Believe me there is a lot more things that she has colored on that I have not posted would get really repetitive.Here is a classic Tatum.I left the room for 20 seconds.REALLY only 20 seconds.She had stashed a brown sharpie and when I left the room immediately went for the computer.This was all that she did thank goodness(well besides the entire screen)Our computer is new so of course I was frustrated with her but I don't have to get mad because of dun dun nuh.....Amodex!This stuff Shane bought online because we just really have had marker problems in our house.This stuff works like a dream.(for those of you who are thinking...duh Shell put the markers away...done that she can climb and always finds them "somewhere" I didn't think I had any)She is so funny.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

General Conference

It is conference time again and I am so excited.Excited to hear from President Monson,our newly sustained prophet,excited to hear what conference has for me to help me better myself,excited to feel the spirit so strong when I hear our sweet prophet tell us what we need to hear...straight from our Heavenly Father.Happy conference weekend everyone!!!