Friday, September 26, 2008

Going to the dairy farm!!

This past week we went to the dairy for a dairy farm tour.They teach you everything about cows from what they eat to how they take care of them when they are sick.We saw one little calf just minutes after it was was sooo cute!Shane and I thought it would be fun since Tatum LOVEs animals .When you walk out to the farm they have this little petting zoo that has a horse,donkey,rabbits,chickens,roosters,a dog and goats.They stand out there and give you food to feed these funny little animals.They all have personality and we really had a good time.Here are some pictures of the little trip.

Tatum and Daddy!

Here Tatum is feeding the horse which by the way is named Lover.He was so sweet and Tatum was in heaven!She loves horses so much and is a tad obsessed.She kept asking for carrots to feed him even though there was a line of kids.We ushered her to the back of the line and when all of the other kids were done feeding the horse and didn't care anymore, there was Tatum right at Lovers side asking for carrot after carrot.She really liked feeding that horse.No wonder they call him Lover!He was loved by Tater tots that is for sure!!!These next few shots are of the goats.She liked feeding the goats but kept running back to the horse.She is such a funny girl!

Here is a pretty little farm girl!
Here we are on a ride to see all of the 1000 cows they have at the dairy.Whew!That is a lot of milk!

Hee hee!Tatum loved holding that funny rooster.She is saying cheese in this picture but I can't figure out why she won't look at the camera or smile.This is the end of the trip and we are tired hence the hair in her face and the sweaty rosy cheeks!

And last but not Preslie Paige!Brady and Brooke had their baby on Monday and she is just so cute.We are so excited for them and are so glad to have cute baby Preslie in our family.I wonder how many hairbows I can make her?Here is a picture of her laying on my lap.LOVE HER!
8lbs 3 oz!!