Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My little collector!

Here is what I find when I come to get Tatum out of her room. It doesn't matter if she has been in time out, waking up from a nap or just in the morning, she does this ALL day long. She has about 8 little kid purses that she has her stuff or her "Tuff" as she calls it, that she transfers from one bag to the next. She puts all kinds of things in there. Once my mom lost her debit card and couldn't find it anywhere. We checked Tatum's purse while she was in a nap, as she won't let you touch it otherwise, and lo and behold, it was in Tatum's purse. We have had to stop bringing the purse into stores because she collects things that are not paid for. We have had the stealing talk already and she is barely three! There are all kinds of things in Tatum's bag. I usually find some dried up cheese along other items such as my lipgloss and crushed up m & m's. She is so much fun and I love going into her purse when she is not looking to see what my little girl has collected. It is entertaining! She is the most special, precious, funny, cute thing I have ever laid my eyes on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Tater bugs was a butterfly this Halloween. It fits with Nashy boy's spider costume!

Cutest kids in the world!


What dorks! Matt and Shane bought these tattoo sleeves and wore them to the ward party......pretty funny guys. Pretty FUNNY!


Just trick or treating.

Shane's family gets together on Halloween. Here is a cute picture of our nieces and nephews on Halloween night. I LOVE how Kamryn is hugging Tatum. Those two are adorable together.

Cowgirl Lauryn!

Halloween is not the same without Ma ma ma.

Here they are after a long Halloween night all snuggled up together in Tatum's bed getting ready to watch a Moobie.(Movie) I love my sister's little boy. I love my Tatum girl. They are so precious. Nigh Nigh!