Friday, June 20, 2008


1.Tatum and Shane's singing and laughter!
2.The Gospel and my new calling as YW leader.It has been so fun!
3.Singing at the top of my lungs in the car
1.I have no fears!!!Just kidding.
2.Being in a burning house
3.losing someone I love
1.Keep my husband and baby happy
2.Organize my entire house by next Friday(I LOVE doing this!)
3.Be able to play any song that is put in front of me on the piano while singing it.
1.Making hairbows...not an obsession...a sickness!I have soooo many!!!Could do it for hours!
2.Shopping and Last Chance.LOVE that place!
3.I used to have an obsession for the gym before I started swim lessons...lets hope that one comes back!
Random facts
1.I am double jointed in my shoulders and can roll them all the way around
2.I wish that life was a musical and we could all just bust out in songs with everything we were saying
3.I am adopted:)