Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chunky Monkey

Hey all you bow lovers out there!Chunky monkey is back and now it's on a blog.As some of you know I used to sell them at the Quilted Bear(they just shut down one day).I was anti make a blog for my bows but I decided I would give it a try because the truth be told.....I CAN'T stop making them.I have over three hundred and they have gotta go, so I can make more!Well, we will see how this goes!All you have to do is leave me your email address and which bow you want and I will be in touch.Go to my blog and see what I have.


Chunky Monkey said...

hmmm so far nobody cares!

Kevin & Melissa Williams said...

Shelly, I didnt know you made bows. My brother and sister in law where in town visiting from Dubai and we bought a butt load of bow from a fellow blogger. Well now that I know I will be sure to go thru you next time.