Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween! Cruella DeVil. If she doesn't scare you no evil thing will! Man this girl was in character the whole time she was in costume. I swear. Maybe I should put her in acting classes.....she seems to shine in this area.

I. Love. Her.

Cruella checking herself out before our ward party and handsome Uncle Chase walking Tayters to the trunk or treat party. He is such a good uncle and we are so lucky that we have him. Tatum loves to watch movies with Uncle Chase. I have the best brothers!

Mommy's masterpiece! Never thought I would have so much fun doing her Halloween costumes.


Kindergarten parade day. She wouldn't wave at anyone.....look at anyone and stayed in character the whole time! She is trying hard not to crack a smile in the picture below....one of my favorite things she does.

So I tried to have Toby be a dalmation puppy for Cruella De Vil. These are tights with cut holes in them to make them look like spots. He was fine breathing and everything but I just couldn't do it. He looked too uncomfortable! So we decided to take it off of him. Boy was he happy!

Getting ready to knock on Ma ma ma's door. In the next picture while we were waiting for my grandma to open the door she heard the neighbor's spooky sounds tape that was playing at his front door. She wasn't too sure about it and Aunt Megan and I were laughing while I was taking this shot. Classic.

Halloween would not be the same without my dear grandparents. Ma ma ma and Pa pa pa. I
think it is safe to say that these guys are the best people in the world. They are the perfect examples of how to live a happy life and they love their family so much. They are the best......ever.

Aunt Megan! Came all the way to see her in her costume. LOVE HER.

WHo is this?
Ha ha! You fooled us Grandma Hakes. This lady walked up and pretended to trick or treat. Nobody knew who she was until she took off her disguise!
Shane has such a cute grandma! Love her.

This one is CARAZAY! Mr. Titan wouldn't let me get a good picture of his costume so I had to force him to lay down. I got the picture a little bit later on in the night but man! Is is a tough nut. If he don't wanna.....snot going to happen. He is a funny kid. Greg and Brittany have their hands totally full.

Nama Pat. I tried to get a cute picture of her running into Nama's arms but my camera bites. It was no good. She does it just about every time she sees her so... next time!

Uncle Jake showed up when she was trick or treating to say hi and see her in her costume. I really am so blessed to have such awesome family that love my little girl so much. Uncle JXTC is so good with Tatum. She loves it when he plays his guitar just for her.

Tatum and Preslie. She is a baker! If you ask her what color her hair is she shouts RED!
She is a true red head spit fire girl. Next picture is her little sister kitty cat Laikyn with her favorite Auntie Shelley. You can't tell but her hair is bright red too. I have the cutest nieces! Really. Every single one of them are adorable.

Some of the crew from the Breinholt Halloween party. Not everyone but a good mix!

It's Morph man Danny Anderson! Happy to announce that he is going on a mission to Philly! Right where our very own Cody and Ashley live!
He reports December 7th. The first grandchild to go. I can't believe we will have a nephew out on a mission. This makes me feel kind of old! We love Danny boy.

Overall it was a good Halloween. I am glad that it is over....it is kind of getting to be a big holiday over here. I am excited for this fun time of year. Lots of boutiques, crafting and having fun planning parties. Let the festivities begin!

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