Thursday, October 11, 2007

This girl's birthday is almost here!!!


When I was pregnant with Tatum, everyone, even perfect strangers told me "Just enjoy the time that you have with her while she is little.She will grow up way too fast." I understood.Or I thought I did until now. Time really really has gone by very quickly. These first two years of her life have been ultra fun!! (minus the acid reflux,trips to the ER,the sleepless nights,the ear infections,the crying for no apparent reason)ok ok. Parenthood has been challenging at times but I know that all the times we sat there and laughed our fannies off at our baby girl or sat and oogled over her, far, far outweigh those ....other times.I am sooo glad to be Tatum's mommy and hope that this day will be so special for her!


Allie & Matt said...

She is so sweet! I love my baby girl! I am so ready to party with her this weekend!!!

Hardisons said...

2 already:( She is so adorable, I love the picture with the cast, how sad but that is freakin cute!! It sucks that she acid reflux (don't take this the wrong way) but I am so gald that she did, because you helped me out so much with Austin. I don't think I can even count on two hand how many times I called you while being on the verge of a major breakdown and you saved me everytime. Youre the best friend and the best mom. Happy Happy Birthday!!