Monday, October 15, 2007

Tatum Michelle
*Tatum calls her pacifier a "ponky"
*The first thing she says in the morning to me is "a mornin Mama"
*She loves her Daddy and runs to him with this special grin on her face when he comes home.She stares at him in the face sideways and says "Hi Daddy!"in the sweetest voice.
*She loves Elmo, Ariel and "alella"(cinderella)
*She loves CHEESE
*She loves her slide and would play on it all day just saying "weee"and "watch"
*She is very concerned about our dog Toby following the rules and is constantly bossing him around.It' s funny.
*She really embraces the words "No way"
*She love babys
*She will do anything for popcorn"pawcorn"or candy"nanny"
*Tatum has the most contagious,cute laugh.Shane and I can always count on her to make us smile.She is our sweet baby.


Cody, Ashley, and Rilyn said...

Happy Birthday Tatum (a few minutes early). We love you! You are the sweetest little girl and Rilyn loves playing with you. I can't believe you're already 2!! I remember going to the hospital to meet you when you were only a few hours old. You're growing up so fast but you are so fun. I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for you. Happy birthday sweetie. Love you!

Allie & Matt said...

Lets not forget "Sash."