Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Could you please pass the M&M's? What? I can't have any? Thats hogwash mom.

How sweet is my little chubber baby in this picture! I love kissin that bald baby head.

This is moments before she had the shpeel off the couch. Which resulted in her pink cast. I wasn't there. I was at choir practice but Shane said it just happened SO fast! I do have to admit. She is a quick one.

Just dug out some cute pictures to post. Isn't the cast so sad? It was hardly a break. Three weeks and the cast was off! We were at the cabin in this picture. Love that place. The lake. The family. The fun!

Baby girl wearing her first Jack's surfboard shirt.

With her first birthday gift.

Saying chee! Nama and Papa.
So this girl is two. Crazy these two years have gone by so fast! It is so fun to be her mom. I am very fortunate to have her for a daughter. I count my blessings everyday to be Shane's wife and Tatum's mom. Even when it's hard.

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