Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

A Merry Christmas t0 all!Hope you had a good one.

Christmas Eve!
This is me and my little cousin Jenna Lee.She has the most amazing voice ever.My sisters and I were supposed to sing what child is this at the annual Hatch family Christmas party and when they announced that we were supposed to go up there...they chickened out.They SUCK and are on my black checklist!Jenna didn't have time to get a piece together and really was bummed about that and so when my sisters wouldn't get up she said from the back of the room in a little voice "I want to sing!"So up she came and we sang.She kicked my butt at singing but I think that we sounded pretty good together.Jenna is Awesome!

These cute Breinholt cousins have so much fun together.They are spinning around getting "dizzy".I had to take these because they were laughing so hard and having so much fun.

We went to a get together at the Turley's house and Santa came and gave all the kids presents.This Santa FREAKED her out.It was so funny because she usually runs to Santa.It was the fake beard.
Tatum and I went to visit Nash or as Tatum calls him"BIG boy" while my mom was tending him in Tucson.My sister and brother in law went on a cruise. Must be nice.We had tons of fun just playing with him.He is a crack up and too cute to boot.
So busy trying to make Christmas "perfect" that I forgot to put my precious girl to bed.Sorry Tatum!!!!!(Elmo must really like what he is watching on TV)
Last Chance shopping with Emily and Carly.You can't see it but we have three shopping carts FULL in that little elevator.Christmas shopping with these two was SOOOOO fun!Lets do it again. How about Jan 2nd girls?
Shy on Santa's lap????
The face of wildness!

First off I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone(a day late) and that oh my......I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have blogged.We have had a crazy month and blogging although kinda fun...I guess it isn't my no 1 priority. We had such a great Christmas this year. Now that Tatum is two she can more or less understand a little bit about Christmas and we had fun teaching her about it this year. Of course we taught her the true meaning of Christmas but we couldn't resist the whole Santa thing.SHE LOVES SANTA.It was fun bringing her out on Christmas morning to see her eyes bug out when she saw that Santa had brought her.... an Artic Cat power wheels.COOL!It is hilarious to see her drive it.She has learned to reverse it. She can be a quick whit when she wants to be. We hope that all of you had wonderful Christmas's too.Thanks for reading this! Above are some fun holiday...month of December highlight pictures.


Hardisons said...

shelley shelley shelley your post made me so sad, Im sorry about your grandma and are you ok? You have me all worried about now:( I have tried calling you a few times and your phone won't let me through it gives me this weird message about not being in your network or something??? email me Im glad you had a good christmas your pics are cute!!

Pew Family said...

I'm glad you found my blog! I can't believe how big Tatum is. Crazy how time flies. She's such a good mix between both you and Shane but I think she definatly favors Shane more. Where are you living now? Do you love it where you are? I'm itching to move and have been for over a year now. Hopefully once the market gets better we can. I just want more room!!!

The Pousson Family said...

Look like you guys had an awesome Christmas! We are back in Michigan - so sorry I missed you! I'll be back in May for Cristen's graduation so we'll definitely get together then ok!

The Carpenter Family said...

Love all those fun pictures!! Gals you had a great Christmas!

brooke martin said...

what a fun christmas!! ohhh i have got to see Tatum sooner than later. think of how much fun us and our girls would have together!!! HAHAHA YIKES...
i might just have to come get a headband from you finally too!! heehee. hope all is well. i just LOVE the stapley family!! oh and the breinholts! gosh- there is probably never a dull moment in your life shell with those fun families! love ya

Dan, Lydia, Kaitlyn said...

Yay for the update and all the pics! I love the one of Tatum sleeping! I can't tell you how many times Kaitlyn comes up to me and says "i'm so tired, I go to sleep...ok mommy?"

Kristine said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! Tatum falling asleep is funny, especially elmo.

Becky said...

I LOVE ast Chance, I went after Christmas and it was a zoo!