Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well today is a very bittersweet day. My beautiful grandma passed away at 82 this afternoon. She was so special to me. I remember when I was little how fun it was to go over to her house. I remember her bright cheery voice would sing "Hi Shelley! How are ya?" and whenever I would ask for something she would say "Well sure!" She would let us cut roses from the back fence. She had blackberries growing on the side of the fence. Mmmmm! She was a beautician so she always got us mini lipstick samples. Those were the BEST! She would paint our nails and make us good food in the kitchen....she was a great cook. I remember the mini blue wavy cups we grandkids would drink milk out of and have our oreos in the kitchen. The spend the nights and the huge bathtub baths. Her blue toilet and the hair dryer in the spare room and many more things. I have always looked to her good example as a wonderful missionary, she was a wonderful mother, wife and grandmother. Her spiritual strength helped my testimony to grow tremendously throughout my life. I admire the way she loved my grandpa. It was hard to see him lose her. Real hard. My grandpa has always had a special place in my heart and to see him sad like that is down right traumatizing. I wish I could take it all away. He will get better. Time will make things easier. He will have us. We will have each other. Love you grandma. Hope that I can pay a good enough tribute to you when I sing at your funeral in a couple days. A life like yours deserves one heck of a musical number. I hope I can do that job.

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