Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last night was Tatum's first soccer game ever. She did GREAT! We were so proud of her. Lets just say that she got the best of both of us! I for one am NOT a ball sports girl. (My talents lie elsewhere!) I would daydream and jump around.....occasionally pick at the grass and duck when the ball came my way. Shane on the other hand was/is a superstar. In all sports. Period. Tatum was fast in getting the ball to the other side and was always in front. She still needs to learn the game and I thought she did pretty good for this being the second time she has been on the soccer field(the other one being a practice). There was tons of laughter and entertainment as these little girls scramble to "score" goals. The best was when Tatum wasn't paying attention at all during the game and was skipping around and staring at the kids doing chants and cheers. Reminded me of myself and I had to laugh. I could tell Shane was a little frustrated at first to see it but then he remembered she is only five. It was hilarious!

Shwiggles came to the game. She wanted to play so bad!
Hand. Some. I am a lucky girl.

Little Swayze took these two shots. I thought she did a good job!

This is Shane explaining to Tatum how the game is played. He is excited to take her to the park across the street so he can teach her how to control that ball!

Swayze and Tatum. Best girl cousins! These two are 6 months apart and love each other. Two peas in a pod! They even look alike! Crazy. Here's to a great soccer to see your kid run around and have so much fun playing a sport. I am crossing my fingers that she inherited her daddy's love for sports! GO Tateee bugs.

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