Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chronicals of an only child.

Oh Tatum Tatum Tatum. Where do I start! This sweet girl has been the only child for 6 whole years. She is used to being catered to, loved on, and payed attention to 24/7. It has been SO hard not to spoil her highness, but I think we have done a pretty good job of telling her no sometimes ;) She still wants to be picked up and snuggled at night(still okay by me!) and loves her blanket. I am trying to prepare her for big sister hood. About a month ago we were on our way to gymnastics and here is the conversation that we had:

Me: Tatum, I have a great dream. Do you want to know what it is?
Tatum: Yeah mommy.
Me: It's you sitting next to me on the couch. We have a blanket and I am holding our new baby and we are both trying to make it laugh. Our new baby is so happy because it has a big sister like you!
Tatum: Oh. Thats so nice mom. You want to know what I dream about?
Me: Oh! What do you dream about Tatum.
Tatum: I dream of having my own horse.
Me: LOL.

It was funny. It was my feeble attempt to get her excited about having a new baby around. I know that she is excited to be a big sister but for some reason I don't think that she can fathom the thought because she has been alone for so long. I don't think she really "gets" it. I have been talking about adopting a lot lately and she now asks me just about everyday when she gets into the car after school if I have our baby yet.( we are getting there....ya know closer to her "getting" it) I reply.....I wish sweetheart! Hopefully someday soon. She is going to be the funnest older sister ever. I CAN'T WAIT!
I dream.......DREAM of the day that Shane and I get to introduce Tatum to her new baby brother or sister. It is something that I have dreamed about for years.....that first meeting. That precious moment that I am not going to be able to hold back the tears for. I love (although for awhile it was a bit painful to see) seeing on TV other children's faces light up when they are introduced to their siblings for the first time. I have been imagining of what Tatum's face will look like when she meets our precious baby. I feel so incredibly hopeful that the wait won't be too long now. But like I always say......here is to enjoying this until we have another sweet lil one.......cause after that it will be double the fun!

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Pat said...

Only children are so cool! Haha Tatum is going to make a awesome big sister, but you might have to get her a horse also!