Sunday, November 6, 2011

FSA carnival

I also updated our adoption blog on how conference went. If you want to read it go to the right and click on Home Sweet Adoption, The night before conference FSA puts on a family fun time carnival! Here is tiger Tatum at the carnival. It was really fun to see everyone there! We brought Tatum's friend Grace with us and they had a blast. There was this amazing face painter. My friend Angie stumbled upon her. This face painter placed her child 40 years ago and has always wanted to get involved in doing service. She painted the faces of all of our little friends at the carnival. She was so good that I was very tempted to become a zebra for the night.

These two are hilariously cute together. Grace's face is painted like a peacock.

One of the booths there was throw a wet sponge at someone's face. I volunteered my fun husband. He was such a good sport as the girls tossed that thing in his face. Pretty funny to watch. These pictures aren't the greatest because I took them on Shane's phone.

She just had to. It being Halloween recently, she got these teeth and wanted to look like a real tiger before I had daddy go upstairs and wash all the paint off her face. She is an animal girl like her mama. I love it.

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